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Resource Center

24 Hour Telephone Banking
Make your financial life simpler by obtaining automated information about your accounts via your telephone. With Telephone Banking, you can do the following:

  • Get Checking and Savings account balances
  • Get Loan account information
  • Get Certificate of Deposit information
  • Transfer Funds
For more details, visit out 24-Hour Telephone Banking page by clicking here.

24-Hour Telephone Banking Phone Numbers:
Dial (913) 621-8441
Toll-Free (844) 810-7603
Safe Deposit Box 
A Safe Deposit Box is a great place to store your valuable papers and other items. Safe, convenient, and accessible only to you and your authorized representatives.

Annual Rental Payment:
Size Annual Cost
1x4 $15
2x4 , 2x5 $25
3x4, 3x5 $25
4x4, 4x5 $30
5x5 $35 
2x10, 3x10 $45
4x10, 5x10 $60
8x11 $75
10x10 $90
10x15, 10x20, 10x22 $110
10x44 $200
Not all locations have all sizes. See branch for details.
ATM / Debit Cards
Our Debit Mastercard® is a checkbook and an ATM card all rolled into one. As an ATM card, it works instantly at ATMs throughout the world. As a debit card, it can be used for purchases everywhere Mastercard® is accepted … at over 12 million stores worldwide.

  • Use anywhere Mastercard® is accepted!
  • Free – No fee to get your card
  • No checkbook to carry
  • No waiting for check approval
  • Sale amount automatically deducted from your checking account
  • Convenient and easy to use
Lost ATM / Debit Card
Tell us AT ONCE if you believe your card and/or PIN has been lost or stolen.

Customer Support Center
  • Phone (913) 281-3165
  • Hours M-F 7:30 am – 6:00 pm & Sat. 8:00 am – 1:00 pm (CST)
After Hours
  • 24 Hour Telephone Banking
  • Phone (913) 621-8441
  • Toll-Free (844) 810-7603
Direct Deposit
Sign up for Direct Deposit for your Social Security or payroll checks and you will no longer need to worry about a lost or stolen check. With Direct Deposit, you know your money is in the bank! No need to rush to the bank to make your deposit. It's helpful to have your account number and bank routing number handy when setting up Direct Deposit. Security Bank of Kansas City's routing number is 101000925.
Quicken® Resources and Support
For Phone Support Call (650) 250-1900.
For Online Support Click Here.
Mastercard® Automatic Billing Updater FAQ
1. What is Mastercard® Automatic Billing Updater?
Mastercard's® Automatic Billing Updater is a service that participating merchants can use to retrieve cardholder account changes to ensure as little disruption as possible for their card-on-file transactions and automated payments. Changes to a replacement debit card bearing a new card number or expiration date are automatically sent to participating online retailers that have your card-on-file within their system. Automatic Billing Updater (ABU) is a service that can help reduce certain types of declined debit card transactions.

2. What are card-on-file transactions and automated payments?
Card-on-file transactions are payments processed using a debit card number you have stored with a merchant, service provider or website by creating an account and saving your debit card information. Automated payments are recurring debit card payments you set up with a merchant or service provider.

Example of Card-on-file Transactions Include:
  • Transportation services (Uber or Lyft)
  • Clothing websites
  • Online retailers (Amazon or Wayfair)
  • Movies, music and eBook download services (Netflix, Spotify or Pandora)
  • Online payment services (Pay Pal or Digital Wallet)
  • Pharmacies
Examples of Recurring Payments Include:
  • Phone services
  • Cable or television services
  • Utilities
  • Music subscriptions
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Radio subscriptions
  • Gym memberships
  • Anti-Virus software
  • Insurance premiums
  • Recurring charitable donations
3. Will all of my debit card information be automatically updated?
Sometimes, but not always. ABU is only available to participating merchants, and they can choose the frequency at which they check with Mastercard® for updated payment information. Most major merchants already participate in this program, but to avoid late payments and penalties with those merchants who do not participate in this program, you should take steps to verify your debit card information is updated with the merchant.

4. What if I do not confirm my debit card information has been updated?
If any of your merchants do not participate in the program, then the automatic payments may fail and merchants may charge you late fees. Most merchants will contact you by phone, email, or text to notify you that your payment did not go through. If they are unable to collect your payment, your service may be canceled.

5. Is there a fee for the Mastercard® Automatic Billing Updater service?
No, there is no fee for this service

6. How do I enroll in Mastercard® Automatic Billing Updater?
All debit card users (Consumer and Business) will automatically be enrolled unless they choose to Opt-Out.

7. Can I Opt-Out of the Mastercard® Automatic Billing Updater?
Yes. If you would like to Opt-Out of this service, please call Customer Support at 913-281-3165 or stop by one of our branch locations.
QuickPay℠ - Use Your Voice to Pay Your Bills
QuickPay is the skill that lets you access your bill pay account on your Alexa-enabled device — all with a simple voice command. You can ask Alexa to make payments, provide your payment history and check your scheduled payments. You can even make person-to-person payments using QuickPay. Simply add the person as a payee in your bill pay account and then you can tell Alexa who to pay and when. You will need a bill pay account to use QuickPay. If you don’t have an account yet, contact us for help getting started.