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Security Bank of Kansas City

Debit Mastercard Travel Tips

Travel Tips with your Security Bank of Kansas City Debit Mastercard®
Notify us before you travel
  • Prior to your next family trip or vacation, be sure to tell us when and where you're traveling as well as the Security Bank of Kansas City debit card(s) that you will be bringing along.
  • Conducting transactions that are out-of-pattern with your usual spending activities will sometimes raise a red flag with fraud systems.
  • Knowing where you are will allow us to better monitor your accounts to help ensure that legitimate transactions aren't rejected.
Alert us about your travel plans by calling the number on the back of your debit card. You can also send us a message about your travels using Online Banking (click "Contact" shown on the top right hand corner of the screen) after logging in. If you prefer to work with us in-person, you can also stop by one of our branch locations. We will be glad to assist.
Here are some other tips that can help protect your account when using your Debit Mastercard®.
  1. Sign up for transaction alerts to monitor your card activities within online banking. Click here to enroll in online banking.
  2. Watch your balances using Online, Mobile, or Text Banking. 
  3. Shop at trusted website. Check for secure sites by looking for the https: in the web address. Beware of extremely low or almost unheard-of-prices.
  4. Use secure online purchase methods as much as possible with tokenized options using your mobile device such as Apple Pay®, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
  5. Avoid use of public Wi-Fi connections. Hackers easily gain access to public networks and can steal your information.
  6. Keep PCs and mobile devices updated with anti-virus and anti-malware scanning software.
  7. Be careful of emails requesting personal information or emails with links. Validate! Don't click!
  8. Online package theft is popular. Be sure to track your shipments.
  9. Cards should be closely guarded. Carry only what you need to limit risk of theft. Never leave wallets or purses unattended. Be mindful of getting the card back in a safe place after making a purchase.
  10. When shopping, be sure to conceal packages and avoid leaving valuables in vehicles as much as possible.
  11. Always park and walk in well lit, populated areas. Stay alert and be aware of the surroundings.
Never take the easy route when it comes to purchases and your finances. Review your accounts online. Alert the bank when you are traveling. Be thoughtful about where you stop (in store or online). Take advantage of setting up transaction alerts.
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