Mastercard is here!

 Simply call 1-844-378-2069 to activate your new card.

With your new card you’ll enjoy:

• Uninterrupted account access — Purchases and ATM withdrawals will continue to be deducted from your existing checking account; just like before.

• Continued convenience and security — Shopping with your card is faster than
writing checks and safer than carrying cash. You'll also be protected with Zero Liability for unauthorized purchases.

• Great new benefits — You can enjoy access to all of the other benefits shown hereSimply continue to use your existing Visa debit card for now, then activate and start using your new Mastercard as soon as it arrives. Don't forget to provide your new debit card number to any merchants who automatically bill your existing card. To learn more, please click here

Certain restrictions apply. For details, see the enclosed Consumer Guide to Benefits or 

the Business Guide to BenefitsSee Mastercard Zero Liability for details.


Why are you replacing my existing debit card?

We’ve partnered with Mastercard to improve your benefits and add chip technology to your card at no cost to you.

Why does my new card contain a microchip?

Security Bank of Kansas City is moving to chip technology because it provides more security and ease of use in other countries and is expected to become standard in the U.S.

What other new benefits will I gain?

As soon as you activate your new card, you’ll gain immediate access to Identity Theft Resolution Services, Mastercard Global ServiceTM, MasterCard Airport Concierge™, Extended Warranty, Purchase Assurance, MasterAssist™ Travel Assistance Services which are described inside this brochure.

Our business and H.S.A. Mastercard Debit provides different benefits. Please contact Customer Support Center for additional information.

What do I need to do?

1. When you receive the new card, activate and start using your new MasterCard Debit right away.

2. After activation, select a new PIN number when you make your first PIN-based transaction at a retail establishment or ATM. 

3. Provide your new card number to any merchants that automatically bill your old card.

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